CHARTER (c) Theresa Weicken

“Music is like a diary filled with snapshots of your life. The sad moments, the great ones and all these stories of love and loss. We want to capture these stories in our music.“ – Antti Koskinen

The story of CHARTER began in 2010, when singer & songwriter Antti Koskinen decided to leave London and start all over in Berlin. The Finnish musician was instantly inspired by the vibe and energy of the German capital’s music scene and was lucky to find the band members Levin Siert (Lead Guitar), Thomas Stieger (Bass) and Bernhard Range (Drums).

After a series of local shows the band went on their first German tour with English Indie-quartett “The Boxer Rebellion“. The band teamed up with legendary producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode,  HIM, Nine Inch Nails, Paradise Lost) and recorded their debut album titled “Impossible You“. The release in late 2011 was supported by playing various shows as well as airplay rotation for the single „Trust“. The title track “Impossible you“ was chosen to be on the soundtrack for the award-winning film “Weil ich schöner bin” (“Cause I have the looks“). The band played a release show on the rooftop of Berlin’s Park Inn Hotel right next to Alexanderplatz.

After these vibrant two years, the CHARTER decided to invest some time in writing and decided to fly to Palam Studio in Palma de Mallorca to work on the new songs.

CHARTER (c) Theresa WeickenIn the beginning of 2014 the band came back with set of new set of songs and the hunger to go back on stage. The full German tour was booked this time with Scottish Indie-rockers „Glasvegas“.

It’s 2015 and the new album titled “Times” (release date: 1 September 2015) is finally finished. It sounds like the upbeat, melodic lovechild of The Editors and Placebo.
The band has succeeded their goal of delivering the sonorous, dreamy melodies and “wall of sound”-production in this modern pop record.

CHARTER released their first single “Moment” from their forthcoming album “Times” on 1 June 2015, saying

“’The moment I washed away – the moment I couldn’t save’ – oftentimes you find yourself not being aware of all the crucial events happening around you – right here, right now – turning your life upside down in just the blink of an eye.”

 The restlessness and the speed of urban life in an always changing city like Berlin inspired the Finnish-German quartet CHARTER to write this song about the many moments in life that we’re not able to grab or to explain.

“…foolish you – don’t be concerned about tomorrow…“

Antti Koskinen – Vocals
Levin Siert – Lead Guitar
Thomas Stieger – Bass
Bernhard Range – Drums

Impossible You (LP, Phonector, 2011)
Trust (Single, Phonector, 2011)
Moment (Single, Phonector, 1 June 2015)
Times (LP, Phonector, 1 September 2015)


Booking & Management:
Rebel Cell
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