IDEOMOTOR Interviews & Quotes

The Line of Best Fit
 – “Amplified”
“Cylic basslines and epic quivering vocals… it’s cinematic, with vivid samples and glitchy chirrups offering an abrasiveness to their slick pop tendencies that erupt in the chorus.”

Clash Music – “When We Begin” Premiere
“Ideomotor impress with the stylish electro pop”

Mentioned Reviews
“Amplified, a dark and mysterious song that allows the influences of New Order and Depeche Mode… It’s a stunning, dark piece.”

We Close Tonight
“…glorious electronic mastery that combines the energy of We Are Scientists with the electronic beauty of some 1980s gold.  Each time the chorus hits it’s as if Gary Numan was back at his best… curiosity will eat you up from the insides as you dig yourself deeper into this aural masterpiece.”

Tracker Mag
“Maturity, grandeur and refinement in every second of Amplified”

March 13th, 2015 – Weatnu Magazine – Interview with Ideomotor


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