Finnish dark wave and electro-pop artist JAANI PEUHU (Iconcrash) has inked a recording and publishing deal with Playground Music Scandinavia and his debut solo album ”Tear Catcher” is out now.

JAANI PEUHU is known from electro-pop/dark wave band ICONCRASH and his work as a producer and songwriter.
After playing drums in several bands, Peuhu produced his first solo effort as a singer/songwriter, under the name Iconcrash. He formed a band to play his music, and they released an EP with fellow band Viola. The following year they released the first Iconcrash album ‘Nude’ (Parole Records).
Two more Iconcrash albums and a number of singles followed (Dynasty Recordings/EMI). In early 2012, Jaani and Iconcrash performed his song ‘We are the Night’ at the UMK song contest, in which the Finnish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest is chosen. The song made it through to the finals, where they Iconcrash played live in front of a television audience of over 500,000 people. Released as a single, and then on a 2012 ‘special edition’of ‘Inkeroinen’, the song has proved to be one of their most successful tunes.

Iconcrash and Jaani have toured Central Europe, Baltic States, England, Russia, US and Mexico and played together with such acts as My Chemical Romance, Kaiser Chiefs, The White Lies, Anathema, Royal Republic and Atari Teenage Riot.

In September 2012, Peuhu announced he was working on his first solo album, to be released under his own name. He wrote and recorded songs in several countries, including England, US, Mexico and Finland.

Jaani Peuhu - Tear Catcher Album
In July 2014 his single ‘Follow Me’, off the now released Tear Catcher album featured in advertising to promote the television series ‘Night Shift’ as seen on TV-5 & TV-6

In recent years, Peuhu has also been working as a successful producer/session musician/song writer for a number of bands including Before The Dawn, Kwan, To/Die/For, Varjo, Rain Diary (whose debut album produced by Peuhu was voted best New Finnish Alt Rock Release for 2013).
Now he is excited about his new solo album, and ready to take the songs into a live setting. He has described the new album as a journey that he is excited to be taking, both physically and musically. ‘I’m not asking anyone about anything, I’m just doing music. And it’s making me happy’.

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Booking  & Management: Rebel Cell – rebelcellmusic@gmail.com
Artist: contactjaanipeuhu@gmail.com
Label: Playground Music Oy – Tommi Muhli – tommi@playgroundmusic.com
Publishing: Playground Music Oy  John Cloud – cloud@playgroundmusic.com

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