RAIN DIARY is a Finnish alt.rock band that plays beautiful and twisted dark wave tunes. The band’s sound bears some roots to 80’s but is still strongly located in present day. RAIN DIARY’s tales are bittersweet, often tragically ending romances under harsh urban streetlights. In general, RAIN DIARY aims to bring solace and touch people with black lipstick and industrial loaded gothic minds but isn’t afraid to flirt with triphop and clear disco vibes.

RAIN DIARY was founded in 2007. A year later the band released their same-titled EP that was quickly sold out. ‘A Song of Mellow Weep’ got 4th highest votes in YleX Himotuimmat (most wanted) charts of 2008. The band also started their flourishing collaboration with the director Juha Lankinen who shot a music video for ‘It’s Only Rain’.

In 2009 RAIN DIARY started their first ‘The Lights Are Violent Here’ recording session with production wizard Jaani Peuhu. At this point the band’s sound took the first steps towards a more electronic approach but still maintaining it’s ”trademarked” candlelit side. In 2010 the band enjoyed their first chart success when single ‘Lost’ hit #18 in the Finnish Official Download Charts. To boost the success, RAIN DIARY’s “graphic visionaire” Jani Saajanaho shot and directed a splendid music video. After the 2nd recording sessions to finish the album, the band had minor changes in the line-up when drummer Topi Kapulainen decided to part ways. Drummer Teemu Alajoki joined forces in 2011. Soon the band was ready to hit the studio for the 3rd time to finalize the album. After highly productive sessions the band released their 3rd single ‘Mirror of Your Grace’ for which conceptual artist Zabek Ismael (i.e. urban shaman) shot another brilliant music video. After an extensive search for the right label, the final piece of the puzzle was set when RAIN DIARY signed with Secret Entertainment. On it’s release week ‘The Lights Are Violent Here‘ hit TOP10 (7th spot) in the Finnish Official Independent Record Store Sales Chart and was #30 in The Official Finnish Album Chart (week 40). Also, the album was voted #1 Alternative debut album of 2013 in a polling held by Levykauppa Äx. In March 2014 the single ‘Shame’ and on April 4th ‘TLAVH’ were released in Mid-Europe. The extensively touring band broadened the range of venues by playing their first international show in Tallinn on March 29th and in Germany in late September 2014.

rd_tlavh_2400pxRAIN DIARY are:
Tommi Suomala – Vocals
Tytti Kallioniemi – Keyboard / Synths / Vocals
Teemu Rantanen – Guitar
Joni Bitter – Guitar / Bass / Programming
Teemu Alajoki – Drums / Percussion
Pekka Vanajas – Bass / Programming


Booking: Music Lights Berlin – Manu Schmidt – manu@musiclights-berlin.com
Management: Rebel Cellrebelcellmusic@gmail.com
Artist: raindiaryband@gmail.com
Label*FI: Secret Entertainment – Jaakko Tarvainen – jaakko@inverse.fi
Label*GER: G-Records – Andrew Campbell – info@g-management.org
Publisher: Edition JA! – Andrew Campbell – info@edition-ja.com

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